Asia Bizz: Facebook is really a popular name on the web, but now it has gained popularity in the corporate industry too, as Goldman Sachs along with a Russian investor, has pumped in $50 billion in the website. This investment has made the website more valuable than Time Warner, eBay and Yahoo. Goldman Sachs, has said that investing in Facebook is a good decision, and the company does have the capability of overtaking Google Inc.

As the investment turns into powerful capital for Facebook, it will help this website to employ better manpower, fuel in more assets and also move towards acquisitions. According to Securities and Exchange Commission, various Internet companies are becoming hot regions of investments, specifically speaking about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

At present there are three major internet companies that are on the top of the high value list, they are Apple, Google and Microsoft. Facebook and Twitter are the emerging giants of the future and more investments in these firms can be expected.

Source: NYTimes