Asia Bizz: South Korean electronics manufacturing giant, LG, is reported to unveil a Honeycomb powered Tablet at the CES. The Honeycomb is an operating system which has been specifically made for running tablet PC’s from around the world. It is also reported the 8.9″ tablet will be the first of its device that has ever been launched by LG.

Officials from LG have stated that the first ever tablet by LG will be launched by them officially at CES, and is specifically powered by the Honeycomb, a version of the Android mobile operating system, built to run notebooks and tablet pc’s. During the month of November, Engadget had reported that, LG’s tablet PC will be powered by a dual-core Tegra 2 chip.

LG has been working on developing a proper tablet since a very long time, and it had debuted by showcasing a prototype called the UX10, which did not receive the kind of response it needed. As of now we can only wait and watch, as what LG has in offer at CES this time.

Source: PCMag


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