Asia Bizz: China is indeed making its presence strong in Asia, and now it has claimed that it has gained breakthrough in Nuclear technology. The country’s nuclear researchers had invested time to find out ways to solve spent fuel reprocessing technology in the country. Through this technology, China will now be able to solve its nuclear fuel sufficiency issue.

The discovery has been made at a factory of China National Nuclear Corp, in a remote region of the Gobi Desert. Here the scientists have successfully found a technology that will boost the usage capacity of nuclear materials at the nuclear plants by almost 60 times. The Chinese Television reported “With the new technology, China’s existing detected uranium resources can be used for 3,000 years.”

China’s efforts and breakthrough has been widely appreciated by Russia, France and United Kingdom. These countries support and say that this is better means of managing spent fuel and reprocess the radioactive material for future nuclear supply. But experts have now argued that reprocessing spent fuel is always financially, environmentally and technologically challenging.

Source: Reuters


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