Asia Bizz: The New Year 2011 has proved to be the best time for the markets around the world, and the Sensex in India has shot up 90 points. The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) has witness a good day, as they commenced the four session gaining break, and thanks to the retail investors and sustained buying of funds, the stock market was quite positive.

The BSE gained 535 points in last four trading sessions, and it further shot up by 90 points terminating the points tally at 20,650.98 points. Consumer goods, oil and gas, and metal are the forerunners of strong performance at the market. The National Stock Exchange on the other hand gained around 23.45 points and closed at 6,181.05 points.

Manufacturing and Construction spending in the US, has encouraged the Indian market to gain strongly overnight. Strong earning’s by the corporates too has boosted the gain in the market. Overall the final structure of the market can will be witnessed by the end of the day, when the stock market closes down.

Source: HindustanTimes


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