Asia Bizz: Android Operating system is said to have accounted 40% of the US market, consulting over the data collected in the past six months. Even though the Apple iOS is having a lead in the market share of US, the Android OS has powered 40.8% of the smartphones in the country. From the month of June 2010, 27% of the gadgets ran on the iOS and 19% of them ran on RIM’s BlackBerry.

Andy Rubin, creator of Android has proudly stated that, some 300000 activations are witnessed daily, and this can be thanked to the boost in sales during the holidays and Black Friday. On example that can be noted is, Verizon had offered a Continuum for $99 at the purchase of the Samsung Galaxy S.

Research in Motion had dominated the US market prior to June and had a market share of 34%, but later it slipped to 26% as the iOS and Android overtook it. Android has already spoken about the latest operating system named Gingerbread and it will soon be released in one of the latest handsets.

Source: eweek


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