Asia Bizz: The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2011 is going to be a testing time for Microsoft, and it has been said that the company can showcase a preview of the Windows 8 operating system. Reports state that Steve Ballmer will speaking about the future tablets and maybe the Windows 8, but its not yet clear about the new OS, one needs to wait and see what Ballmer has to say about this.

Even though there were rumours about the Windows 8 operating system since the mid 2010, experts stated that Microsoft will wait for some more years to pass by and then come up with their latest creation. A reliable source has said that on the 6th January, Steve and his company will showcase a small part of the Windows 8, and this is really exciting to everyone.

Some sources also speak that Microsoft has been working on an OS that will basically run on the Tegra, Qualcomm and Texas processors, bring the traditional Windows based programs on broader technological stage. And this is not the only highlight at the CES, its also said that Windows will show off some of their latest tablets which will surely be launched in the future.

Source: tomshardware


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