Asia Bizz: It is the year 2011 first fish market auction in Japan and it has been reported that a Tuna has fetched a mind blowing Y32.49 million. The auctions are taking place at the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market or which is locally known as the Tsukiji market. The Bluefin which belongs from Hokkaido Japan, has fetched the highest price.

This particular Tuna has been caught in Toi, a region situated in the northern most region of Japan, weighs around 342 kilograms and successfully fetched around Y32.49 million, the last record being Y20.2 million when the fish was caught in the year 2001. This particular Tuna was bought jointly by a Japanese and a Hong Restaurant, who have together once again created a record in buying Tuna for the third year.

China too had participated in the bid and it is the sole reason why the bids have shot high this year. After it was accounted that tuna has been priced around Y95,000/kilogram, which is yet another record that has been set in purchasing Tuna from the market. In China the demand for high grade bluefin tuna is rising by the day and the nation’s officials are participating in these auctions regularly.

Source: JapanToday


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