Asia Bizz: China will soon be opening a high speed rail line between Shanghai and Beijing, and this will eventually bring the travel time between the two major cities down to just four hours. The rail line will open in the month of June, which is way ahead of the scheduled deadline time, and this a milestone in the country’s railway history. Rail authorities have said that the government will be stretching the rail network by almost 5000 kms every year and go pass 13,000 in the year 2011 itself.

The latest rail network will contribute to the worlds 25,000 kms of high speed rail which is distributed among 17 countries. The ministry of Railways will invest around 700 million yuan or $106 billion this in constructing the rail line.

The new rail line will raise the nations rail network from 86,000 kms to 91,000 kms in the coming few months. China has done considerable development in the field of railways and this has led to become almost a world leader in railways today. China also has the milestone of having the fastest passenger train in the world.

Source: ChinaDaily


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