Asia Bizz: Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, took the stage at the CES 2011, but there was disappointment for all as he did not mention anything about the upcoming tablets or Windows operating system. The CEO took the opportunity to speak on the Xbox 360 Kinect, Xbox gaming module, Smartphone and also some latest PC’s.

He did not speak nor did he provide a clue about any upcoming tablet PC’s, but was involved in speaking and showing people about the Kinect. He said that after an update which will be coming up this spring, the device will start creating avatars of the people, based on the facial expressions and behaviour of the user.

He also spoke about Microsoft’s success in selling the kinect, and said that company managed to sell around 8 million devices in just three months of its launch, and expects another three million to be sold in the coming months. The company also says that after an update, people will be able to wave hands and speak aloud to just browse through NetFlix and Hulu.

Source: BusinessWeek


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