Asia Bizz: Sony Corp. of Japan has unveiled a latest revolutionary camera that features OLED,GPS, 3D and 1080p60 Video capture. It is indeed an amazing camera that will feature 3D depth video recording. The GPS option which comes with the camera, will be used for geotagging and 3D enhancement in video capture. It comes loaded with high definition capture at 1080p60 and is priced between $110-380.

The TX100 had a 3.5 inch screen and does not feature a very dark LCD back ground but has enhanced capability to trap motion blur. The device will click at mind blowing 60 frames per second. Geotagging is that latest feature on this camera, and many be there are very few devices that have the capability to do so.

When one geotags a photograph, the device through GPS will store the location of the photograph taken anywhere on earth. In addition to all this it has a 16 megapixel lens that comes with a 7x zoom option.

Source: PCMag


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