Asia Bizz: Verizon, US based wireless communication giant, shockingly has not mentioned anything about the Apple iPhone 4G. There were loads of rumours, which even turned into news, that Verizon will be coming up with the Apple iPhone 4G in the US very soon. On the other Apple iPad is going to have a tough time, as there are many competitors who have unveiled several tablet PC’s of their own.

Ivan Seidenberg, the CEO of Verizon failed to mention any mention about the iPhone, as there were loads of speculations into this news. Rather he spoke about the company’s LTE technology and also the FiOS, and in addition to that the concept of ‘TV Everywhere’, which will allow the user to stream into video anywhere in the US.

Even though the Verizon CEO has not mentioned anything about the iPhone, experts still say that they are expecting the phone to be launched in the coming few weeks. Apple on the other hand has not quoted on this, nor has Verizon confirmed it.

Source: macrumours


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