Asia Bizz: The Shanghai Disneyland Project may be getting a boost of $15 billion, the Municipal Government of Shanghai has proposed. The Shanghai government will be pumping almost 100 million yuan, into the children’s Disneyland and international resort project, which is accounted to cost the country more than what it had spent in the World Expo last year.

Around 25 Billion Yuan will be used in developing and building the theme park project, and around 40 billion will be used in furnishing the current assets at Disneyland. The entire Disneyland Project will cover around 107 of which 7 sq. kms of area will be dedicated for core area.

The rest of the area in the park which includes 13.6 will consist of the affiliated facilities, and 86.6 will be controlled areas. Last year’s Shanghai World Expo had cost the nation around 28 billion yuan, and the Disneyland Project is going to cost them four times that same cost. The work completion is certainly going to take sometime, and the officials state that the park may open by the year 2015.

Source: ChinaDaily


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