Asia Bizz: Nepal is pushing hard on bring one million tourists this year to the country, as a result the country’s private airline, Buddha Air has started International flights to its neighbouring nation India. Buddha Air commenced its first International flight in its business, when it started flying to Bhutan last year. The airlines will launch its inaugural flight to Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh by Friday this week.

The airlines officials state that they will first begin with a 47 seater airliner, which will later be increased if the crowd starts to flow steadily. The marketing head of Buddha Air says, that they hope by the month of March this year, they should commence flights to Kolkata also.

As per the flight schedule, the airline will haul passengers from both countries thrice a week. The officials added that for the inaugural flight they have only five passengers from Kathmandu, but on their way back, they are coming packed with 44 passengers. The Indian authorities on the other hand have provided Buddha Air permission to fly to Lucknow, Patna, Varanasi and Kolkata.

Source: EconomicTimes