Asia Bizz: Ford Motors too was visible at the CES 2011, and it has unveiled its latest vehicle in terms of technology, which is called the Ford Focus Electric, and is integrated with the MyFord connection system. It may have not surprised many of the people at the CES, because they knew ford was going to launch the vehicle anyway, but they did not expect what the vehicle came along with.

Ford boasts that the Focus Electric will provide a mind blowing mileage of 100 mpg, or 100 miles equivalent to a electric vehicle. This mileage reported is way higher than the Chevrolet Volt or the Nissan Leaf achieved. The only drawback here is a serious one, the vehicle runs only for four hours on a full charge, where the Leaf or Volt would provide backup for more than seven hours.

The Focus comes with a massive 8inch screen which features MyFord Mobile, which is also a touch screen, is a type of smartphone integration in the vehicle, and this is something that will assist the driver with loads of information, just as a normal smartphone.

Source: engadget