Asia Bizz: Verizon Wireless made the most awaited announcement at a conference at New York, where the company said the Apple iPhone will finally be launched under the Verizon brand name. This is history written in the field of technology and communication, as the common people have chosen who could be the carrier of their iPhones in the US.

Reports were only tending to be negative, when the customers were asked about AT&T’s service with the iPhone. Verizon had always been their best choice, and yes successfully Verizon has brought in the iPhone in their current phone line up. It has not yet been disclosed, as when Verizon launch the iPhones in the stores around US.

Apple on the other hand will try to spread the availability and sales of the iPhone in the US, as its rival Google has come up with its own Android based phone, created in collaboration with Samsung, called the Nexus S. The Android based smartphones have successfully out-passed Apple based phones in the US, and Google here has gained more popularity on the web, compared to the iPhone.

Source: WSJ


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