Asia Bizz: The CES 2011 is turning out special for all electronics companies as everyday passes by, for HTC, the Chinese cellphone manufacturing giant, has launched a full range of new 4G capable smartphones at the event. There is no other company that has launched so many 4G smartphones under one brand name, and that is why this Chinese company always tends to give a tough time to the electronics manufacturers of the West.

HTC has in all six 4G phones in the market which include the HTC EVO , the MyTouch and G2. All these three phones were showcased at the CES 2011. Another phone, the HTC EVO Shift which is a complete QWERTY and touch screen comes with 3.6inch screen and is priced at a low of $149.

The flagship HTC 4G smartphone named the Thunderbolt, which comes along with the Verizon services is the latest smartphone in the market, and is massive when one compares its specifications. Most of the above smartphones are running on the latest Android operating systems in the market.

Source: Mashable


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