Asia Bizz: China has decided to provide more charging stations for their electric cars in their country, a move which makes the country step towards a greener environment. China’s State Grid Corp of China (SGCC) is planning to build more electric charging stations or points in the country, as the number of electric vehicles in China is rising steadily.

The Grid is going to construct several charging points in Beijing, Tianjin, Hefei and Nanchang, the major cities in the country. One of the main services of these power stations will be to provide recharge and also sell batteries to customers.

A study taken out in China shows that an average car takes around 70 yuan to travel around 100 kms, but the same distance can be covered with only 20 yuan of electric charge. The service station will take the batteries of the cars and charge them during the night, by that time they will provide the owners with charged batteries for the entire day. There will be an approximate 6,209 electric vehicle supply equipment at 75 electric stations around 27 cities in China.

Source: ChinaDaily