Asia Bizz: The US Defence Secretary, Robert Gates is in Beijing, and it is the first stop of his week long Asia Tour. As he is in China, the US diplomat is looking forward to build strong military ties with the Asian super giant. Gates is trying to sew up the broken military relations of China and US, which had suffered a blow in their trust, when China had asked US not to sale defensive arms and weapons to its neighbouring country Taiwan.

Prior to his visit to Asia he was speaking to the reporters and told them that he will surely try to clear up any “miscalculations and misunderstandings and miscommunications.” He said that he hopes the two countries will starting to move up in having high level visits with each other.

Gates was looking quite positive in his approach towards China, and has said that he is looking to a strong corporation between the two nations, and that China too will need to step forward in solidifying better ties between the two nations.

Source: CNN


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