Asia Bizz: Onion traders from Nashik, India, have officially gone on strike in a move to protest against the tax raids that were conducted by government officials, because of which the traders were not able to supply the vegetable to the contracting traders. The two day strike now can push in the fear of price rise in the Onion market around the country.

The contracting traders themselves state that the buying price of the vegetable is around Rs.30/Kg, it is obvious that the cost of Onions in the market will be higher than that. Onion supply has almost come to standstill from Nashik and Lasalgaon, which are also Asia’s largest Onion market.

Onion prices in the country were around Rs.55-60/Kg, highest that India has seen in years. A local official has made a statement saying “Onion traders in Nashik, Lasalgoan and Pimpalgoan are on strike for two days because the contracting traders from states like Delhi and Kolkata have asked them not to supply.” The Onion issue in the country has risen to the next level, and this indeed reflecting the inflation position of India.


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