Asia Bizz: BMW Motors has now become the leader in the luxury car segment in India, as the company has registered massive sales and surpassed its rival Mercedes and Audi in the country. BMW sold around 6246 cars in the year 2010, and these vehicles were assembled at the Indian based plant which has an annual capacity of 15,000 units. The above sales figures also include exported units too.

The German car maker giant, exceeded its domestic sales figures of 4200 units in India with ease, and this shows that indeed India is a massive market for the luxury cars from around the world. The latest sales figures is 70% higher than last year, this is a very strong point for the company to start investing more in India.

BMW 3 Series and 5 Series were the vehicles which were sold the most in the country, counting 2,432 (111 per cent growth) and 2,403 units (51 per cent growth) each. India now is among the top three markets for BMW after China being the largest market. India shares its spot with South Korea, and the company feels that in the future it will surely exceed the current figures and start competing against China.

Source: Hindu


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