Asia Bizz: The latest offering by Hyundai, the Curb concept vehicle and the Veloster sports coupe have been unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show 2011, for the company says that they are aiming for the Y generation of buyers. The South Korea based car company is said to be making waves around the world especially because of its new and redefined Sonata luxury car, along with the Genesis model too.

As the Korean car company launches a new line of vehicles around the world, they have also launched their latest motto which says “New Thinking. New Possibilities.” According to the auto manufacturer the vehicles they present to the customers come with the best technology and features, and in addition to this they also come with a favourable price tag.

The CEO of Hyundai said that, in the coming years the company is looking forward to sell vehicles to the young generation, and the two above models are specifically built for this age category. Hyundai also expects that some 40000 Velosters will hit the roads in the first quarter of 2011 itself.


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