Asia Bizz: Lexus, the luxury vehicles division of Toyota, has finally launched the hybrid-only hatchback CT 200h on Wednesday in Japan. This hatchback is the first ever complete hybrid vehicle to be launched by Lexus in it’s vehicle line up. The CT 200h is a complete hybrid car, which has top of the class green environment technology, which gives this five door car a unique standard.

Toyota has consistently been stressing out on producing greener and more environmentally safer vehicles for the country. The new styling and design of this massive hatchback will certainly pump adrenaline into young drivers. New features include performance dampers, new suspensions and better rigidity.

The car also offers paddle shifts with the steering wheel itself, a complete Formula1 experience. The CT 200h also has a Drive Mode Select option, which allows the driver to choose between different types of driving environment. It has a 1.8L combustion engine along with Toyota’s Hybrid technology engine, which manages to give out around 34 kmpl.

Source: JapanToday