Asia Bizz: Sony Corp. electronics giant from Japan has said that the latest PSP2 or the PlayStation Pocket 2, is as powerful as the PS3. This statement made by Sony to a particular website states that the Japanese electronics and technology manufacturer does have plans to introduce the latest hand held gaming console in the near future. Rumours around the web, were the only news and publishings which kept the hopes of the PSP2 alive.

The company is spending a lot of quality time in developing this product, as they want it to be different from other Apple and Android based devices in the market. To make it precise, take the PlayStation Phone, which in itself is a gaming console and a phone, a technological breakthrough for Sony, which is unique too.

Along with the launch of this groovy device, the games which could be played on it too will make a huge difference, especially downloads. The device will also accommodate a physical form of game playing source, which will be available in the market on a legal basis. Rumours also say it can also turn out to have a phone feature in it, but not a primary function of this device.

Source: kotaku


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