Asia Bizz : The Mercedes Benz SLK 2012 sports roadster has finally been revealed by the maker, the official photographs were published when a premature marketing video in French was launched last year. This car is coming on a very special occasion, the 125 anniversary of Mercedes, and the celebration will begin by the end of January in Stuttgart.

Reports show, the vehicle with make a debutal appearance at the Geneva Auto Show. The new SLK is completely re-engineered and is a breakthrough in vehicular technology for the company, as the new engine is said to have greener emissions and better mileage. The car comes with fuel saving technology, which provides better efficiency, even after being a really fast vehicle.

New body dampers and steel-aluminium based body shell gives the car a sturdy look. This is the third generation SLK roadster by Mercedes and it seems that the vehicle is a class of its own. Sports journalists quote the SLK will stand in direct competition with the Audi TT roadster, the BMW Z4 and the Porsche Boxster.

Source: AutoWeek


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