Asia Bizz: Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has reshuffled and added some new officials in his cabinet, as a move to suppress his opponents and also give a push to country’s dwindling economy. This is the third time the Prime Minister has changed the cabinet since he became the PM. Kan has changed some of the fiscal policy, trade, justice and transport ministers from the cabinet.

There isn’t a complete change in the cabinet as he did not change some key and important ministers in the office which include foreign, finance and defence ministers. After he has done so, this clearly signifies that he has lowered himself to opposition, and secure the scope of the bills which will be passed during the fiscal budget of 2011.

Another reason the PM has done this change, is that the Japanese economy is not at all performing well, especially the deflation issue and the international and national debt the country is suffering with. He has also decided to undertake a marathon 150 days parliamentary session, which is due to begin this month.

Source: AFP