Asia Bizz: Japanese firms have now started to localize their products in many emerging countries in Asia, in a move to cater the people’s wants around the continent. Among the firms, electronics companies are the firms which are standing up with the competition, and are trying their best to catch up with their surrounding emerging markets.

Asia is a continent which feature one of the best electronic gadgets and accessories around the world, which are unique and rare too. Toshiba and Panasonic are working on such products, which range from battery powered rechargeable TV sets to small refrigerators. They state that they will be manufacturing products which will be affordable to the common people in Asia as the many countries are considered as upcoming economies.

Analysts have termed this move to be against its technological rivals in South Korea, as their products have gained great popularity across the world. It can also be said that the South Koreans had overtaken Japan in terms of technology and sales, for which Japan will need to come back in the market with various electronic gadgets for the common folk around the world.

Source: JapanToday