Asia Bizz: South Korean electronics manufacturer, LG has said that, the recently launched Windows Phone 7 based smartphone has not been so impressive in the market, especially in the sales segment, but it is still a fine piece of gadget. Prior to the launch, the company had huge expectations that the phone will do fine in the market but it failed.

LG has not shown much excitement in context to its Windows Phone 7 based smartphone, even though the features on the phone are par too good. Microsoft on the other hand has said that it WP7 operating system has done quite well in the market, and it disclosed the figures during a conference.

The LG Marketing Director on the other hand was quite calm even though the sales looked gloomy, he said that it is still a huge segment out there. He stated that the Windows Phone 7 is quite an easy operating system compared to Google and iOS. He also admitted that for technology geeks the WP7 gets boring in a week or two compared to the iOS and Android.

Source: Engadget


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