Asia Bizz: The Bank of America website was facing outage on Friday morning, reports show that several customers were having a tough time to access the banking services. The Bank of America told through its twitter account, that the outage began early in the morning and went through the afternoon. Even if the portal opened its was just too slow.

It is one the most prominent and largest banks in America, and the financial institution has given shown its regrets in context the outage and told the people that it will be working soon. The engineers have begun working on the issue, and any updates regarding the bank’s website will be intimated as soon as possible.

A similar outage was suffered by the Bank a year ago, not long after it had paid the nation a $45 billion bailout package. But to excite conspiracy theorists, one can remember the warning summoned by Wikileaks, who said that they will be showcasing some classified documents in context with the bank, or it may be an attack by the Wikileaks supporters. Because similar attacks were done on PayPal and Amazon after the websites refused to make any transactions in context to Wikileaks.

Source: WashingtonPost


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