Asia Bizz: Major car manufacturer from Japan, Nissan, is planning to produce the Rogue utility vehicle in Tennessee. The company is looking forward to shift its Rogue production facility from Japan to the United States by the year 2013, because of the Yen appreciation against the Dollar. As the production facility remains inside the US itself, the cost of export to other nations too should be fair.

As of now Nissan produces the Rogue at the Kanda in Fukuoka Prefecture, where it is specifically made for the American market. This plant roles out around 102,000 vehicles annually, last noted in the year 2009. The Rogue Utility vehicle has a huge demand in the US, and setting a plant in the country itself will cut down the export costs for the company.

Nissan will not completely shut down the Japanese plant because of the production shift, rather it will start manufacturing the Serena Minivan for the company from the same plant. Nissan has been planning to launch many of its vehicles in the US market, as the market potential for Japanese vehicles is very strong in America.

Source: JapanToday