Asia Bizz: Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia and information website has completed 10 years of its existence, and this is also a very special moment for Jimmy Wales the founder of the website. Wikipedia is in fact the greatest thing that has ever happened to the Internet, after Google.

It is an open source website, where data and articles can be fed by anyone, and that is the sole reason why Wikipedia today is one of the largest websites in the world. Wikipedia is actually an offshoot of the only encyclopaedia website Nupedia, which is now not in existence.

So, ten years in existence, what could be size of this website, well it has more than 23 million pages in 270 languages with 3.5 million articles on them. Around 17 million of the above pages are already in English, with 1100 being added every day. What is exciting about Wikipedia is that they have 100,000 writers on the website, who contribute their articles regularly, free of course.

Source: T3