Asia Bizz: Toyota Motors Japan, the world’s largest car manufacturer has temporarily suspended its operations in Japan due to the heavy snowfall. The suspension has now affected the plant’s targeted output for the year, for they will fall short of providing their deliveries in time. 12 factories at the Aichi prefecture have been shut down as workers are unable to commuted to their jobs.

Snowfall this year has become a huge concern all over the globe, and it is also serving to be a cause of economic impact, and in this case, Toyota had to shut down its plants. The officials at Toyota have affirmed that they will surely reopen their plants by Tuesday, and said they will compensate for their missed production time by working for extra hours.

The Meteorological department of Japan has said that heavy snowfall has affected many parts of the nation, and this has directly affected the transportation industry. Bullet Train services too have been hindered due to the heavy snowfall, as a result commuting has become a massive problem.

Source: EconomicTimes


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