Asia Bizz: Mitsubishi’s latest i-MiEV electric vehicles have been launched in almost 15 European countries recently. Mitsubishi has also said that this number will soon rise to 20 very soon, as the demand of the vehicle rises. Mitsubishi is paying special attention to electric vehicles and will try to export them as much as possible.

The demand for electric vehicles are increasing by the day, and this is something that the Japanese car makers will tend to work on. The company says that they have already shipped around 2,500 units to Germany, France, and Spain as they have a huge potential for electric car market. Germany on the other hand too have their own list of electric car manufacturers and Mitsubishi will need perform better than its German competitors.

The next countries on Mitsubishi’s list is England and Serbia, as it says they will be launching the vehicles in these markets very soon. Mitsubishi feels the i-MiEV will do quite well in Europe as it has full faith in the company’s engineers who have constructed this vehicle.

Source: JapanToday


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