Asia Bizz: Indian based IT companies are now looking forward towards a strong establishment in China, as this could be a tough task. The Indian based IT companies had earlier started outsourcing business for Chinese based clients, and stated that language should not be a barrier at all. India’s largest consultancy service company TCS has been a prominent company in China and now will start having a better business from the Dragon country.

TCS or Tata Consultancy services says that it looks at China as a huge country of opportunities to do business with, and will need to have a larger work force there. TCS currently hires around 170,000 in more the 40 countries around the world, of which there are only 1200 in China.

Tata says that it will indeed look to increase the workforce to 5000 people by the next three years. Since the financial crisis which began in the year 2008, India has started to reduce its dependency on the US, and is now looking to invest in emerging markets like China. TCS says that emerging markets constitute around 20% of their annual revenue.

Source: ChinaDaily