Asia Bizz: Nissan Motors of Japan has failed to deliver the Leaf Electric cars to its customers, as it was able to only give out 60 units in the Japanese market. There are around 6000 orders pending towards Nissan, and it has failed considerably to reach its targets. Nissan on the other hand has accepted that the manufacturing of the Leaf model is indeed very slow, for it needs careful work, but denied in delaying any deliveries.

A Nissan official spoke to the media saying “As it is our first major project to mass produce EVs, we began building them with caution…Production lines are working fine so we expect to fill the orders as planned” The Nissan car is not selling in the market the way it used to, because of the long time taken for the delivery process and also the government subsidy procedure.

Only a mere 19 units were sold in the month of December and a total of 40 units between 1st to 14th January. Rather this has been seen for the first time that a new model is taking a long period to get delivered, as car manufacturers produce as many new models as they can in first two months to satisfy their new customers.

Source: JapanToday


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