Asia Bizz: As per the announcement made by Microsoft, the company says the new Windows Phone 7 update will provide the user with better speed in applications and games. There were several issues regarding the speed of applications and games on Windows Phone 7 based handsets, because of which the user had trouble accessing software’s in time.

The Windows Phone 7 website will have the official update and it has promised there will be a change in the speed of the software. Microsoft says it just wants to cater the people with better speed in applications and games, something which they missed on the WP7.

The update has also improved the Marketplace also, as the company is saying the Marketplace search engine has been rectified and search has become quicker and simpler. A new feature of copy and paste too has been added, something that one cannot find on every operating system. This will surely help the user to use the application to its full capacity and in a better manner.

Source: knowyoumobile


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