Asia Bizz: US and China are heading towards developing a deeper co-operation in clean energy for the future. As the President of China, Mr. Hu Jintao is on a four day trip to the US, he is looking forward to many such co-operations between the East and the West. The announcement of stronger development in clean energy came at the Second China-US Strategic Forum on Clean Energy Cooperation.

Mr. Hu said that China and US have the larger share of responsibility and now they have major tasks of development in this sector. China is known to have provided break through in clean energy and greener industrial assets.

China has clearly indicated that it is ready to co-operate with US, to develop strongly in the field of clean energy, and it is something which will help the two countries a huge manner. President Obama on the other hand has said, the most important aspect of US-China relationship is helping build a safer and cleaner 21st century, which will be beneficial to all mankind.

Source: ChinaDaily


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