Asia Bizz: Boeing Co. from the US has once again presented a delay in delivering the 787 Dreamliner commercial airliner to Nippon Airways of Japan. The delivery of the plane has gone down to the third quarter of 2011, as there was an incident that had taken place during the in-flight test. The new airliner from Boeing is said to save as much as 20% of the fuel, as it will provide better fuel economy during flights.

The Airline company has been delaying the delivery of the aircraft since the year 2008, because of repeated safety issues. During that same year, Boeing had found smoke being ejected within the plane as it was in the course of a test, after which it was compulsory for the company to redesign the electronics layout in the plane.

The time it is taking to delay the aircraft is also costing Boeing its reputation, as many airlines are looking towards Airbus for future deliveries. The officials from the company say that it will still take time for Boeing to deliver the aircraft as the testing phase is still not over.

Source: JapanToday


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