Asia Bizz: Mitsubishi Motors Japan has officially planned, that it will launch 6 green car models by the year 2015. The models will be plug-in hybrids and complete electric cars, as the company told the media. Mitsubishi said that by the fiscal year 2015 they will have at least 6 green vehicles being produced at their plants, for their next generation customers.

One of the first green cars is scheduled to launch in the year 2011 itself, making an official debut of their future plans. The company has been giving stress to design, manufacture and produce green or electric vehicles for the future, and this was seen with the i-MiEV electric car, the first electric car of the company to be produced commercially.

Mitsubishi targets to sell 1.31 million green vehicles in the global market by the fiscal year 2013, which may not seem impossible. Mitsubishi has a reputation of producing quality vehicles around the world, similar to Toyota and Honda, as a result the company wont need to apply force in its marketing strategy. As per the financial forecast of 2013, the company expects to have a turnover of ¥2.5 trillion out of which ¥90 billion will be operational profit for Mitsubishi.

Source: JapanToday


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