Asia Bizz: Apple has registered a 78% increase in it last quarter, and this has finally decreased the fear among the people – especially because of Steve Jobs departure. One of the main reasons towards the strong profit surge is the massive sales in iPad’s, iPhones and iPod’s during the holiday season and Black Friday.

Analysts also confirm that the second quarter profit will also exceed the predicted figures and this is something which will help the company gain a stronger ground, even in the absence of Steve Jobs. Sales figures touched around $26 billion, a direct 71% increase compared to last year.

Apple officials state “These results will help shift focus away from Steve Jobs’s health and to the company’s long-term earnings power”. This has clearly shown that the company will march to rise and perform well in the market, even as Steve Jobs won’t be participating in the day to day business. During the trading session, the Apple gained 1.3% at the day’s closing as soon as the company announced its financial standing.

Via: Bloomberg


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