Asia Bizz: Japan’s H-2B rocket launch which is carrying unmanned cargo to the International Space Station, has been delayed due to bad weather. The launch had been scheduled for Thursday but it had to be postponed till Saturday since reports state that there was heavy thunder, clouds and rain at the Tanegashima Space Center, from where the H-2B was scheduled to take flight.

The Japanese Space Agency JAXA has stated that if there is a lightening strike on the rocket, then it will create problems in the electronic system, which can also be dangerous for the mission. The delay also affects the link up between Konotori2 and HTV2 transporter.

The launch delay is not only affecting the docking schedule of JAXA, but also the Russian, European and American docking mission with the International Space Station. The H-2B Launch Vehicle No. 2 rocket will carry around 5.3 tonnes of cargo to the International Space Station, which includes food for the Astronauts, 80 kilos of water and some scientific equipment.


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