Asia Bizz: Apple hasreportedly slammed Google over it’s latest tablet OS, as Apple says that it has more faults and issues than any other current software. According to the company’s COO, Google has actually built a scaled up smartphone and alleges that it is not “unadulterated Vapor”.

Critics say that the COO’s comments does contain some weight, as the Apple iPad was launched earlier this year and millions have been sold. So the question here is whether Google’s tablet operating system could actually be a success or will it ever catch up with Apple’s iPad sales?

There are 7.3 million iPads which have been sold in the international market, which encompass around 46 countries, and it is has already generated $4.4 billion worth of revenue for Apple. It was at the CES this year, where it was widely spoke that there are many Apple Killers that will make way into the market this year, and the worst fear comes from Google, who will launch its tablet OS soon into the market. It  could possibly pose some level of threat to Apple’s sales figures.

Source: InformationWeek


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