Asia Bizz: The Chinese President, Hu Jintao has said that China in fact is not a threat to the US, and he specifically pointed out towards the military development. Jintao said that he will like to be a partner with the United States and help the world to recover from the current financial crisis.

Hu told the media that China will continue to develop peacefully and does not pose any sort of threat to any country, nor is it standing in an arms race. The President and his businessmen were quite impressed, after they were served dinner at the White House and they were reportedly satisfied with the hospitality of the Americans.

The Chinese President consistently stressed on the fact that his nation does not pose any threat to America or to any of its allies. He also spoke about the global economy, and said that the world is recovering, but there are some factors that are hindering this growth process. At the end, he said that China and America are two different nations with different customs and traditions, and it is just normal for two nations to be different.

Via : CBSNews