Asia Bizz: Co-founder of Google, Larry Page, will replace Eric Schmidt as the CEO of the company. The announcement of the new CEO came after the company announced it’s fourth quarter earnings and profit. Larry will take the post of the CEO on the 4th of April.

Page will takeover Eric’s responsibilities of day-to-day business and dealings of the company,while Eric will – according to Google’s – statement — be “focusing externally on deals, partnerships, customers and broader business relationships, government outreach and technology thought leadership”. Along with this, he will also take part in the internal advisory for the company.

Eric reportedly feels that Larry will implement more goals and strategies and this will be a profit to the company. Larry was quite impressed with the job done by Eric, and he said that the development and growth in Google seen through the years speak for themselves. He confessed that Eric is still a strong leader and there are still many things to learn from him.

Via: Mashable


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