Asia Bizz: Mitsubishi Motors Japan has said it will launch 8 types of eco-friendly cars by the year 2015. These vehicles will include next generation electric and hybrid vehicles, and the company plans to launch them till the year 2015. The car manufacturing giant from Japan has reportedly been concentrating on manufacturing eco-friendly vehicles and electric cars for the future.

The planning of these cars will commence from 2011 itself and the first batch of hybrid cars will be launched in the year 2013. Mitsubishi officials state that they will now concentrate more on producing fuel efficient and small cars, along with a range of SUV’s for the emerging markets around the world.

It has been several years since the Japanese based car manufacturers put in time in manufacturing electric and hybrid cars for the market. Toyota has pioneered this sector by launching the Prius, plus other car manufacturers too have brought in a number of electric models which are successfully running in the market. Mitsubishi expects to double it’s company profits to $90 billion yen by the year 2013, as it has predicted it will earn around 45 billion yen for the financial year 2010-11.


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