Asia Bizz: Ferrari has officially revealed the car which has replaced the 612 Scaglietti, and its is a four seater vehicle called the ‘FF’. The FF is the first four-seater car that will go into production under the brand name of Ferrari, making it the most powerful four seater today. This is technological breakthrough for Ferrari, as its a four wheel drive machine, something which Ferrari does not specialize in.

Reports state that it is not a geometrically enhanced sports car, nor is it a typical top notch type produced by the Italian car manufacturer, but it is a simple four-seater, four wheel drive car. Ferrari said it is a whole new design of a GT concept, something quite similar to the BMW M Coupe or the Alfa Mito.

Ferrari has specifically manufactured the four wheel drive system called 4RM, and it weighs 50% less than all conventional four wheel drives. The company has also given fine attention to the safety features of the car, to make it safe in all weather conditions. The car will produce 485KW of power from its 6262CC engine, which can trot to 337kmph in no time. It goes 0-60 in less than 4 seconds, thanks to the V12 which pushes the vehicle to its limit.

Via: IOL


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