Asia Bizz: Mazda Motors Corporation of Japan, has now entered into talks with the governor of Russia’s Pacific Maritime region, so that they could set up a car manufacturing plant in the Russian Far East. Mazda is looking ahead to spread its reach throughout Russia and the Russian Pacific region, as the demand of vehicles here could be strong.

Mazda is a car manufacturing giant from Japan, producing SUV’s, sports cars and mid sized vehicles around the globe. The company has a strong hold in the West as well as South East Asia, and now it wants to venture into Russia. Russia too is an emerging market and has the capability to bring strong sales for the company.

The company is in the process of official talks with Sergei Darkin, and they intend to set up a plant that can easily assemble 30,000 units a year. This should provide 700-1000 jobs in Russia, and it will also have a strong economic impact on the country too.

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