Asia Bizz: Canon Inc. Japan, has decided that it will shift its production of low-end video cameras to China. Canon, which is doing quite well in the global video camera market, has taken the initiative to move into China to produce its products. Along with the video camera production plant, Canon is also looking forward to shift its Oita Prefecture to the red dragon nation.

According to Japan Today, the company says that it will start manufacturing the iVIS HF R21 video camera in China and it is due to be launched in the month of February. As per reports, the new plant will be shifted to the Guangdong province of China.

Canon has also produced a series of video cameras exclusively in Japan, but now it will work on manufacturing the low end units overseas, mainly because of the inexpensive labor and capitalizing the availability of products in the international market. As of now, only high-end video camera models and other units of the company will be manufactured from Japan.


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