Asia Bizz: BlackBerry has taken a very strong step to ban pornography and other obscene material on its smartphones in Indonesia. BlackBerry has completely stopped users from accessing porn in the country through its service, and this has been done after the Indonesian authority pressurized the company to do so. Indonesia is the world’s largest Islamic country, and the government had given BlackBerry the deadline of 21st January to block pornography.

Indonesian reports state that even the Playboy website could not be accessed through BlackBerry. If one is trying to view such content in Indonesia, he will get the following message “This website can’t be accessed via this network”.

The Indonesian ministry is still not satisfied with this move, and says that porn is still being accessed through the Internet and other media all over the country. Even though there are ways to watch such content through BlackBerry, the ministry has asked BlackBerry to continue filtering the websites.

Source: TimesOfIndia


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