Asia Bizz: The Chinese National Railway system is under strict test these days, especially as there is a sharp increase in the number of passengers commuting through this medium everyday. It has been noted that during the past weekend, the number of passengers at Beijing’s railway stations have increased tremendously, and tickets are being sold out very soon.

The tickets sold out are of ordinary trains which are bound to leave Beijing in a couple of days, especially for the annual spring festival in the country. Data from the Railways show some 5.38 million people have taken trains to leave Beijing city, and this is a massive number.

The same sort of rush will also be witnessed on the 27th of January, when the traditional family-reunion holiday approaches. High speed train tickets will be booked in huge numbers and the Railways are gearing up to contain this situation. Because of the huge number of ticket sales, the Railways has invited more than a 1000 volunteers to supervise the ticket sales around the nation.

Via : ChinaDaily


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