Asia Bizz: Russia is taking its space programs quite seriously and this is something that should alert everybody, the Khrunichev Space Center in Russia has decided a plan to put up a Lunar base by the year 2037. The latest Lunar development program will be constructed between the time period of 2025 to 2037.

As per the Russian media, they will kick off the plan by 2012, where they will scan the moon’s region to place an orbital station in its near orbit. The entire project should be completed by 2037 and by that time Russia will have its own Lunar base for the moon.

In the year 2028-29, a piloted mission will take place where Russia’s space agency will send the first stage of the orbital station. As per the second stage, which should be fired by 2035-36, it will start using the Lunar resource and thus this will also commence the utilization of the Moon’s resources on an industrial basis. A special rocket will be built by Russia, which will tow the orbital space station cargo towards the moon, by 2025.

Source: ChinaDaily


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